Parish plan:chairman's report

23 June 2008

by Rob Robertson (Parish Plan Chairman)

Following the successful and well attended launch of the parish plan on 30 April, copies of the document have been delivered to every household in the community. Our plan has received many plaudits for presentation and content from council officers and support teams and we are being held up as an example of how two parishes can work harmoniously together to achieve their shared objectives. Congratulations to all those involved.

This is a satisfying and important milestone, but it is just that. The aspirations contained in the action plans, derived from the opinions of residents, are not unreasonable and should all be attainable. We have the firm support of the Parish Council and all the agencies with whom we are dealing have indicated their willingness to listen and act. However, it will require effort and drive from our community to achieve our stated aims for the benefit of all.

There have already been significant attainments.

People and community

This parish web site has been established ( and is being very ably overseen by Steve Webb. Our thanks to David Boyland for enabling the site to be set up.

Following the retirement of Colin Limb and Pat Loveridge from their long and much appreciated editorship of the parish magazine, a new editorial board is coalescing and is aiming to develop the magazine in parallel with the web site.

A parish noticeboard has been erected in Tidmarsh and another will be installed in Sulham later in the year.

A walking group and adult dance classes have begun and are proving very popular. A French conversation class had a stuttering start but is due to try again in late summer.

Using a grant from West Berkshire Council under the auspices of the parish plan, free standing display boards and a projector and screen have been purchased for the village hall.


A logo for the combined parishes has been designed and adopted and adorns the web site and parish magazine as well as parish plan literature.

A parish map has been designed containing useful information about our community and is currently under production. This will hopefully be ready for display at the summer fete with home distribution shortly thereafter. The professional input and printing costs for the map have also been financed by a West Berkshire Council grant.

Plans are well advanced for the establishment of a circular walk in the parish. Further details will be communicated once these plans have been finalised.

A flood committee has come together and is working in conjunction with a similar group in Pangbourne to generate a coordinated plan to counter flooding in the neighbourhood. Members of the committee have had initial discussions with representatives from West Berkshire Council and the Environment Agency.


Numerous other projects are in the pipeline and grants are available from a number of sources for appropriate applications. With this in mind, there are several portions of the action plans which need to be moved forward. In particular, various aspects of the traffic and transport plan need advancement particularly since it is clear from responses to the questionnaire and from talking to people that traffic problems and related issues are very important to our community.

Volunteers are needed to help advance the various projects outlined in the action plans. Now everyone has had a chance to read the parish plan, if you have identified any areas that are of interest to you and to which you are prepared to commit some time and energy, your involvement would be greatly valued.

If you feel you can help or have any questions about items in the parish plan, please contact a member of the Steering Group:

Mike Broun - 0118 984 3114
Jonathon Pearson - 0118 984 4837

Colin Pawson - 0118 984 2619
Geoff Arnold - 0118 984 4139

Rosemary Thomas - 0118 984 5740
Rob Robertson - 0118 984 3163